Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Austin Nichols House

Livwrk Role

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Built in 1915 by world renowned architect Cass Gilbert to house the Austin Nichols Co. manufacturing plant and, later, the Wild Turkey whiskey distillery, 184 Kent Avenue is a 350,000± SF Egyptian revival warehouse complex situated prominently on the Williamsburg waterfront.
After purchasing the building in 2015, LIVWRK embarked on a comprehensive redevelopment of the building as a premier condominium building with 338 homes.

As one of the last iconic structures on the Williamsburg Waterfront, the Austin Nichols House is the reimagination of architect Cass Gilbert’s magnum opus and a testament to Williamsburg’s history and culture. From the astonishing NYC skyline views to the exquisite design by Morris Adjmi, the Austin Nichols House celebrates the legacy and future of a landmark through an identity 100 years in the making.

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